Y Ventures Group is a Singapore-founded data analytics driven e-commerce company with a presence on various online marketplaces in multiple countries. As an e-commerce retailer and distributor, the Group drives sales for third party brands and its private label “JustNile” on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Qoo10, Lazada and Tokopedia with insights that it derives from its proprietary data analytics capabilities. The Group’s business model leverages on these proprietary information for the procurement, distribution, marketing and sale of products in multiple countries across different online marketplaces. Capitalising on its data analytics capabilities, Y Ventures Group enhances its sales results and cost efficiency by employing its data analytics capabilities of analysing demand trends, pricing intelligence, consumer sentiment and market competition to make informed business decisions. The Company also conducts market research through virtual focus groups to tease out qualitative insights on consumers’ preferences on features and specifications which is valuable for improvement of merchandises. Furthermore, the Group’s established reputation on the various online marketplaces, coupled with its data analytics capabilities, offers third party brands a channel to strengthen sales and brand recognition without having to establish or maintain their own e-commerce infrastructure and multiple seller accounts on different online marketplaces in multiple countries. Grossing over US$12.1 million in revenue in 2016, Y Ventures Group is a fast-growing and profitable company that seeks to become a leading e-commerce company, using actionable data insights to sell across online marketplaces globally


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