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Sales Insight

our data analytics

Our sales process is backed by our proprietary data analytics engine. With it, we have the ability to;


Research, Procurement & Purchase

  • Product category price, features and feedback analysis
  • Competitor price, features and feedback analysis
  • Historical sales trend analysis
  • Consumer sentiment analysis
  • Demand forecasting
  • Cost benefit analysis

Research, Procurement & Purchase

  • Trend analysis
  • Competitive monitoring
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Active channel management
  • Marketing and targeted data analysis

Research, Procurement & Purchase

  • Sales data analytics and validation
  • Product review monitoring
  • Seasonality analysis and demographics
  • Customer after-sales engagement

We share our aggregated data with our brand partners to enable them to enhance their product offerings and features, streamline themselves with our sales to have a better, more targeted marketing, sales and pricing strategy. This process is always continuous, and with every successful sale, our forecasting and analysis abilities grow more accurate. With better data abilities, we sell smarter.


marketplaces we operate on

We retail products on online marketplaces. This means being intimately familiar with each marketplace’s eco-system and consumer culture. Together with our proprietary marketplace analytics, we aim to achieve maximum sales capture for our brand partners.

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